Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world, one child and one community at a time. 

The Carolinas District of Kiwanis International covers both North Carolina and South Carolina with 175 plus clubs and close to 6,000 members. 


Our Vision: Kiwanis will be a positive influence in communities that one day, all children will wake up in communities that believe in them, nurture them, and provide the support they need to thrive.


Our Mission: The Carolinas District of Kiwanis International is committed to improving the lives of children throughout North and South Carolina by ensuring that every community has the opportunity to be served by a strong, inclusive, impactful Kiwanis club.

Our Guiding Principals:

Our role as a District is to create and support Kiwanis clubs and programs so that clubs can thrive and be a positive force for change in their communities.  We do this by:

  • training leaders,
  • providing education and motivation for members,
  • developing resources for community involvement, and
  • establishing tools for effective management.


    Message from the District Governor 


Our Carolinas Service Leadership Programs are the greatest!  If you missed our MidYear Conference … well, what can I say, but that you missed seeing the members of our Service Leadership Programs in action.  CKI Governor Julia Terry reviewed progress made toward Circle K goals this year.  Key Club Governor Katie McNiffe challenged us to find the courage to step up and sponsor a Key Club or other SLP.   Lindsay Jackson related what it means personally to be a member of Aktion Club.  Our Keynote Speaker, J. Scott Johnson inspired everyone with his passion for service and working with youth.   Our Saturday evening banquet featured outstanding entertainment by members of our Key Clubs and Aktion Clubs.  We owe a debt of gratitude to our SLP Advisors: Amy Johnson, John Gibbs, J. Scott Johnson, Jon Hethcox, Vickie Ewing and Laurie Nappier for all of their contributions to the SLP emphasis of our Mid-Year Conference.

Five months into our Kiwanis year I am happy to report on the progress of our club building efforts around the district.  Our first new club to open was Kannapolis with the help of Kiwanis International President Jim Rochford.  In collaboration with the Georgia District, Rick Berry led a new club build in North Augusta, South Carolina.  Barbara Day has worked with her team to open a new club in Craven County.  Mike Kirchner is wrapping up work on a new club build in SW Brunswick County.  A big Kiwanis “Thank You!” to each of the individuals who have stepped up to lead these club building events.  It has been a long time since the Carolinas District had four new clubs built in the first half of the Kiwanis year!

Looking forward, we have eight more potential new club sites that have been identified and an individual or club has committed to build.  These sites include: McDowell County, Dunn/Erwin, Fort Bragg, Clemson, Cane Bay, Columbia Area, Garner, and Brevard.  If you are willing to lend a hand with any or all of these new club builds, please contact our Formula Chair Alec Macaulay.  If you have contact information for prospective members for any of these club sites please get in touch with Alec.

Carolinas Kids need Kiwanis!  As I travel the district I am inspired by all of the various ways our clubs serve children in their local communities.  I am humbled by the time, energy and resources that my fellow Kiwanians give to improve the lives of our children.  I urge you to share the signature service projects of your local clubs with others by posting that information on our database for all to see and learn from.  Click here to add your club’s signature service project.

In closing I thank you for all you do on behalf of our Carolinas kids and kids around the world.  I look forward to working with you as I continue my travels around our district.


Mary Jo Brubaker







Total Raised for the Carolinas:  $3,374,889.20   (96%)*

Goal: $3,515,315.00

$140426 still needed

                                                                                                                                     *As of January 31, 2018

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